I’m an artist but I also spend an increasing amount of my time cooking. Over time these 2 creative endeavors have become increasingly entwined in my thinking; cooking seeming far more democratic and welcoming than much art.

These writings serve as sketches, the more promising of them to be fleshed out later into longer works.

The phrase “ill roasted egg” comes from Shakespeare:
As You Like It: act 3, scene 2 – “Truly, thou art damned like an ill roasted egg, all on one saide.”

2 responses to “About

  1. “Democratic” in what sense? And what do you mean by “welcoming”? Do you mean “rewarding,” in that there is actually a payoff (eating) when you cook, as opposed to what comes of most art (poverty)? Please don’t spend TOO much time eating! There are other pleasures in life.

    • hi!

      “Democratic” not as in the party but as in something that is open and available to many (not exclusive).

      I think there are a tremendous number of people who enjoy cooking and the barrier to entry is pretty low. You don’t need a degree or a studio (well, ok, an oven helps but most people have those). And in my experience if the food you make is good most people will a: agree and b: respond in an appreciative manner (so reward in more of an emotional rather than monetary sense). People like to be fed.

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